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The Steak League...

At The Old Post Office we have a unique way of serving your steak. We bring the whole barrel or fillet of meat to your table uncooked and let you mark with a knife exactly how much you want! We then weigh this and the price per ounce includes vegetables, chips onion rings and mushrooms.

This is great for smaller appetites and kids or if you fancy a challenge...

The Steak League means you could be coming back to eat your steak dish again...for free!!!

Simply choose your size of meat and if you manage to finish it all, you will be entered into the league. When the league closes, the person at the top will then get to come back and eat the same amount of steak for free.

The Steak League is updated on a weekly basis so keep checking back to see what position you are at!!!

Steak League 2015…

Watch this space for 2015

Winner for 2013

DALE HAYWOOD 34.7oz Fillet 23rd March 2013